Area & Oriental Rugs Cleaning

Area & Oriental Rugs Cleaning

Rug Specialists Rick & Carolyn Solan

Everything looks better after a good bath – especially rugs! Area and oriental rugs are not just meaningful treasures, they are also valuable investments that, with care, can last several generations. Whether a full submersion bath with wool-safe approved products or a meticulous dry cleaning in necessary, The Rug Studio at Prestige Chem-Dry offers your rugs the best care available. Our Rug Studio is a state-of-the-art cleaning facility that is dedicated to the cleaning and care of fine area and oriental rugs. Serving the Charlotte area since 1998, we safely and thoroughly wash natural fiber textiles (wool, silk and cotton) and synthetic textiles (nylon, olefin and others). We provide a gentle, yet effective cleaning process that is powerfully soft.

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Our Cleaning Process

THE RUG STUDIO @ Prestige Chem-Dry

1. Pre-Inspection: We inspect your rug thoroughly on both the front and back sides. We also test the dyes of your rug for colorfastness.

2. Dust Removal: A wool rug can hold POUNDS of soil in its fibers. We use a variety of cleaning techniques to “dust” your rug. Gently beating the rug from the backside with specialized machines allows soils to drift downward and out of the rug.

3. Submersion Bath: Rugs have been woven for thousands of years and have been washed for thousands as well. Your rug is washed using a mild rug shampoo and cool water. We do not use hot water, harsh detergents or high heat when cleaning your rug.

4. Drying: All of our rugs are laid out flat to dry. Air movers are used to help facilitate drying, and dehumidifiers help to control the drying environment.

5. Grooming: Finally, we detail the fringe and give your rug a final inspection. Then it’s rolled, wrapped in brown paper and ready for delivery.

Properly cared for rugs will outlive us many times over. Our process takes this into account. The welfare and cleanliness of your rug is our most important concern.

Dura-Hold Rug Pads

A fine rug deserves a fine pad. In addition to holding the rug in place, pads act as shock absorbers that lessen the wear on the fibers of your rug. Ask about our custom fit Dura-Hold rug pads; which are the most recommend carpet pad in the industry.

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